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     Buffalo Bill's Leather is home for made in USA handbags that are soft, crafted from our patterns, and all our craftsmanship is guaranteed for life and our belts which are second-to-none are also made right here in our studio. Maybe you have seen Buffalo Bill's Leather at an arts and crafts show and if you have we heartily hope you enjoy visiting our website.  If you haven't seen us before, kick your shoes off, relax,  and look around.  Either way, please leave your e-mail address so that we can keep in touch.  As Elvis would say, "Thank you very much."

     Each and every item we sell has been made in America by Americans in our studio in Suffield, Ohio.  We make items that are marvelously functional, timelessly styled, and still both exceedingly durable, as well as comfortably affordable.  This means to you wares that feel incredible, smell sensational, and look beautiful.  These products are constructed from top flight materials including deer tanned cowhide, English Bridle belting and solid brass appointments.  You will not find any fabric inside our fine leather handbags since fabric linings simply will not last as long as the leather.  Instead all our interior pockets are built form the same leather that the exterior is made from. 

     Buffalo Bill's Leather has been involved in creating high quality leather goods since 1969.  Please remember that Buffalo Bill's Leather is a small American company (actually there are 2 of us).  When you order from us sometimes we have the item and sometimes we need to make it to fill your order.  When we receive your order, we will contact you to let you know when we will be shipping it out.  We have guaranteed our craftsmanship since day one and that continues today and into the future.  Let us put our experience to work for you. 
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